Sunday, December 11, 2016

Training Log; Entry 2293

Treadmill Run

Speed: 7.5mph
Incline: 1
Distance: 1.5
Time: 12:00

Notes: Trying to get back into this in my off season.  I'm in terrible running shape, but an 8 minute mile is the baseline I want to maintain, so I've got that at least.  I don't think I'm gonna bring the long runs back.  As much as I enjoyed them and being able to run 4 miles at a pop, that's time I could spend being a better strongman.  I'm fully recovered now, and it's time to start training that way.

Didn't get my weight this morning; was a bit hectic.  I DID however eat a 1.5lb steak, which will probably change things.

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