Monday, October 19, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1960



Reverse band axle bench 350+normal short bands

Notes: I always forget how much reverse band stuff sneaks up on you. Everything would feel fine, and alluva sudden I'd be out of gas in the middle of the ROM. Had it set up so that the bands stopped providing assistance at the very top. Really tried to focus on getting the chest versus the triceps in on this. The axle was a program deviation of my choosing, going to try to use that whenever possible so that I don't lose the feel of the implement.

Low incline DB press 105

Notes: Supposed to be 4x10, but was running low on time so cut rest periods short, and only have the 105s to work with. I'm not listing all of my warm-ups on these exercises, but I'm doing quite a bit to get in some volume.

2x10 w/20lbs

1x10 w/20
1x5 w/10
1x5 w/BW

Notes: The dropset at the end was supposed to be 3x10, but I just had nothing left in the tank. This type of training is definitely challenging, not used to hitting the same muscle for so many movements in a row. Hard to see such low numbers, but it means I'm getting stronger.

PM workout

Tabata slam ball slams

Notes: Been racking my brain for conditioning work I can do and re-stumbled upon this gem. Trick is to bend at the waist versus the knee to grab the slamball. First rep or so was a little tricky, but after that I fell into a good groove. Think I'm going to end up getting pretty good at these. Got a birthday coming up as well and may treat myself to a prowler that I can pull arm over arm with a rope.

General notes: Woke up at 191.4. Once I get a diagnosis on my knee, I'll be more willing to commit to a diet 1 way or the other. I'd like to see 186 on the scale, as that should mean that I'm walking around at 7% bodyfat, but at the same time I am really missing the quantity of food I used to eat. I don't even care about eating junk food, I just want to eat bigger. Knee is getting better every day. Now, even it's moments of instability are more stable than before. I'll feel the knee shift slightly, but it won't give way. I've been able to get away with more movement now, although the ROM is still terrible. My legs are actually a little sore from my workout on Saturday, so that's a positive.

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