Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1953

Yoke Pick Ups
1x770 w/13 second hold
1x803 w/10 second hold

Notes: Legs felt completely hammered and I wanted to get under a heavy yoke one more time before the contest, so this seemed like a good compromise. Got to test out my new Crossfit Lite TRs on this as well, but I don't plan to wear them to this contest because I haven't had a real chance to train in them.

Trained angry again. Being realistic with myself, I am most likely experiencing fear that is being channeled into rage. My mind is apprehensive about getting under heavy weights so soon after an injury, and I'm overcoming it by just going berserk. I'm at peace with this though. I want to come into this contest angry. I want to just be a white hot laser beam of wrath and melt things in my path. It's been a long time since I've tapped into this part of me (I'd say 2012, on my first 600lb pull in competition), and I think it needs to come back once more.

Kind of funny how it happens when I'm at my leanest. Maybe I'm just hungry, haha.

Considering I got this first thing in the morning, off of a bowl of blueberries and honey with legs too sore to stand up in general, I've got no concerns for my comp. Additionally, I'm going to remember this movement on squat day mornings when my legs are too sore for any sort of ROM, as this was a great wake to still get under something heavy and feel accomplished.

Long entry, holy crap.

GHR sit ups

Notes: Focused on keeping tension in the abs the entire time.

Car deadlift simulator
Worked up to a 9 plate attempt.

Notes: Wasn't able to break the weight off the floor, but my body was game for it. Got a lot of flex on the implements, and may have been able to do it if I was willing to be really stupid. After the contest, this will be the next thing I crush.

General notes: Woke up at 191.4. Legs still incredibly sore, slight recurrence of pain at injury location, most likely the result of altered walking mechanics due to soreness placing stress at odd angles. I get my rehband warm up pants today, excited about that.

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