Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1966


Kroc rows 135

Notes: Busted out the old adjustable olympic handles for this.  Missed these heavy rows, glad to see them back in the rotation.  Got a great pump from just the 1 set.

Chins (rotating grip: wide grip overhand, parallel grip, v-handle close grip)

Wide grip cable rows 140

Notes: Actually have the equipment for this amazingly.  Used a lat pulldown bar and gripped as wide as I could.  Really tried to focus on the lat contraction.

Shrugs 365

Notes: Felt a pop in my middle back on the 7th rep of the first set.  Might be a slight sprain or something.  No issues finishing the workout.


Notes: 30 second rest between sets, made it a nice finisher.

General notes: Woke up at 189.8.  Knee continues to get better.  Got a bunch of supplement samples the other day, to include a ton of BCAAs.  Keep meaning to take them before the workout to see the magic they hold, but keep forgetting.

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