Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1967



Seated DB power cleans 20lbs

Notes: With 2 warm-up sets, this got pretty brutal. Program said to not stop moving for the entire set, just keep pumping the arms up and down. Really focused on moving the weight with the rear delts.

Seated bent over lateral 20lbs

Seated DB shoulder press

Notes: Programmed called for a slow work-up to 6. My powerblocks only go up to 50, so I broke out the old adjustable DB handles to go higher. These things absolutely suck to get into place, since the collars extend so far beyond the plate that it's difficult to kick the bell up to the shoulder. Basically have to do a full body hammer curl. Still, once things got up there, this finally felt like a challenge, and it was nice to really push my seated press. May get some power hooks to make things easier.

DB shrugs 105

General notes: Woke up at 189.4 today. It's my 30th Birthday, and my wife surprised me with a Prowler 2 from Elitefts. I have an amazing wife. It shipped yesterday, so hopefully it'll be here soon. That's going to be a boon for my knee rehab, since there is no eccentric to deal with.

Planned to just have a massive cheatday today, but really just not feeling that. I'm going to have nachos for lunch, and slightly more low carb pizza than usual for dinner tonight, but otherwise I just don't like cheat food as much as I like being in shape and feeling good. I'm hearing from the Ortho today about my options, and maybe if I can still train heavy and hard I might finally go push the bodyweight up a touch. Planning on doing the 5/3/1 "Building the Monolith" template for that.


Tabata slam ball slams

Injury update: Met with the Ortho today. Apparently, my ACL is just plain gone (can't find it on the MRI), my meniscus has a radial tear, and I have a small fracture where my knee meets my tibia. Looking at surgical reconstruction via harvesting my hamstring to make a new ACL. Going to wait a few weeks to let the fracture heal. Given 6-9 months recovery time post surgery. Things are looking up, as I finally have a way forward. Excited to get repaired and get back to the game.

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