Monday, October 26, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1965


Low incline axle press 230

Notes: Supposed to be 4x6, but hit the j-hooks on the third set and it threw things off pretty hard. Threw in an extra set at the end just to get in all my reps. Still, really felt this hammering the chest today, getting a better emphasis on the contraction.

Flat DB press
8x105+reactive slingshot
7x105+reactive slingshot

Notes: Supposed to be 5x10, but I hit the intent at least. Got a little creative with my toys. I have a metal catapult too that my wife stole for assisted push-ups, I should bring it back into the garage. Really just need to hunker down and get some 75-80lb DBs just to have a nice middleground. On the final set, really focused on contracting the chest, and it seemed to drive the point home.

Feet elevated wide grip push-ups

Notes: Put my feet up on a keg. As long as I put the right foot up first, the knee doesn't mind. Left knee is still death otherwise.

General notes: Woke up at 189.0. Knee continues to improve, slowly but surely. ROM is significantly better, and I can perform most of my everyday functions without thinking about them. Still hitting an occasional twinge, but otherwise sound. Getting my MRI report/images today, going to get an unofficial diagnosis from my father-in-law, and then the official one on Wed. Got a little Juggernaut action figure hanging out at my desk at work now to be my rehab motivator. He looks pretty pissed off. Also, like me, his knee can twist in all sorts of crazy directions.

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