Monday, November 2, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1971


Reverse band axle bench (normal bands at 18 hole)

Notes: Program wanted me to work up to a 5rm. Way I've got the bands set-up has it so that they stop providing support at the very top of the lockout, so it's amazing how quickly things sneak up on you. 355 felt like speed work, but 365 was a total grinder. Gave it a few tries just to get in a little more volume on the chest.

Low incline DB press
2x15x50lbs+light bands
1x15x50lbs+mini band

Notes: Again, working around equipment limitations, but honestly not suffering with the bands. The weight is light, but it totally hammers the chest, and if the speed drops it's a total grind.

Ladder push-ups

General notes: Woke up at 189.4. Amazingly, pulled my left hamstring stepping over a garden hose yesterday. If I weren't already injured that'd really piss me off, but the left leg is already pretty fried so at this point it's just funny. Still trying to figure out how I'm going to go about my training this week, may have to just wing my arm day. On that topic, been thinking about training post surgery. Looking like I'm probably just going to become the bodyweight dip and chin champion, because it dawned on me that, even though I can come up with plenty of movements where I'm lifting weight without putting stress on my knee, I still have to LOAD the plates, which requires carrying them. Still, dips and chins rock, I've got a great set-up for them, and I honestly appreciate that kind of training more than this.

I am also really pleased with the amount of DOMS in my legs today. I don't think I'm going to have much trouble figuring out ways to generate a lot of intensity with little weight while I recover.


  1. Phil Stevens recently had hip surgery and took up boxing as a hobby to focus on while taking a forced break from powerlifting. I was wondering if picking up the gloves again has crossed your mind. I'd probably be tempted between that and bench press contests (and am admittedly thinking about it for myself after seeing your experience and knowing how easily it can happen to me in the future).

    Nice band benching! Having close to 400 in your hands to press is awesome.

    1. It crossed my mind for a hot second, but in reality it would be much worse on me than lifting. With my knee injury, I can stay in one place and be strong just fine, but I have zero ability to move or pivot with the left knee. Powerlifting and certain strongman events suit me just fine, but any sort of combat sport would just destroy the knee. This deviation into bodybuilding has been sufficient for taking my mind off of things, but it's also shown me why I never really got into it in the first place.

      Although that being said, my knee is preventing me from bringing the intensity to these workouts that they really deserve. I'm sure if I could really dig deep and go balls out in a set it would feel rewarding no matter what style of training it was.

      Thanks for the compliment. The bands I'm using are pretty intense, but it's still nice to feel some heavy weight in my hands. The axle helps get me out of the idea that I'm "benching" to, so I'm not getting caught up in comparing old PRs.