Saturday, November 14, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1980


(7) Mat pulls 435
1x4 deadstop

Notes: Weird day.  Warm-ups were explosive, but work weight was killing me.  Wonder if travel, weight loss and training 3 days in a row are to blame.  Suppose I've been hitting low reps on this day as well, which is different for me, so may be burning out.  Either way, decided to play the rest of the workout light and save myself for the prowler in the PM.

Reverse hyper 50lbs

(3) Box squats
Warmed up to 230

Notes: Really happy with the ROM on these at least.  I know what to do post surgery.


Low handle to high handle pushes until dry heaves

Notes: I needed to buy one of these a decade ago.  I am such an idiot for holding out this long, and my wife is amazing for getting me one.  I don't think my street has ever been repaved, so as soon as I slapped on 90lbs to the prowler is was basically stuck to the earth.  I went through 3 pairs of shoes until I found some with enough grip to even get the damn thing moving, and from there every inch was a struggle.  I am amped, and can't wait to use this in rehab.  Going to be buying a rope soon so that I can at least pull this arm over arm while recovering.

General notes: Woke up at 186.6 again, even post cheat meal.  Forgot to log yesterday that I did an ab workout before the arm workout, and even got the neck harness back into the swing of things. Going to try to hit the prowler everyday until my surgery.  Drive it until the wheels fall off, as Gary Montoya said.

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