Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1973


D-ring chain lateral raises

Notes: Still really digging this movement. Following this routine has been beneficial in introducing me to some new movements I can include in my strongman training once I recover.

Band pull aparts

Axle strict press
Axle x 10

Notes: Few deviations. Program called for a barbell, I of course went axle. Was supposed to slowly work up to a top set of 10, but I wanted to make sure I had really hit it. It's hard for me to see such low numbers, but I gotta factor in the extra warm-ups and all the shoulder work done beforehand. I've been focusing too much on my push press though, it'll be good to get some more strict training in.

DB shrugs 105

Notes: Slight program deviation: took next week's shrugs, since I've been mixing routines a bit. Otherwise, this would've been barbell shrugs again. These are getting too easy. Will have to start using the farmer's handles in the future.

General notes: Woke up at 188.8 after a Taco Bell lunch yesterday. Hamstring seems completely healed, because my body is apparently a fan of irony. Supposed to be getting my Prowler II tomorrow: incredibly excited about that. Need to invest in a heavy rope so that I can pull it while my knee heals.

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