Thursday, November 12, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1978


3 way shoulder circuit (Front raise, lateral raise, bent lateral raise)
3x20 (20 reps each movement)

Notes: I'll admit, this is the only 3 way I've ever had, but it was most likely as exhausting as any other. Going to keep this in with my shoulder rotation in the future.

Band pull aparts

Standing DB shoulder press ladder 50lbs

Notes: First off, this is completely off from the program, but this is my last week of workouts before my surgery, so I'm just doing what I want now. For those unfamiliar with ladders, you perform a rep, rest as long as it took to complete the rep (or have a training partner complete the same amount), then do 1 more than before, and repeat the process. A nifty way to get in a ton of volume quickly with little weight. I'm planning on doing this with dips after my surgery.

Hise shrugs 230

Notes: Again, totally not on the program.

General notes: Got a new scale at lunch, weights will be according to that from now on, so deviations may occur. Took some video of my anorexic physique before I go in for surgery. Didn't take any leg shots, which is most likely for the best. Will post them when I get them off my camera. Tonight's training honestly lit a fire under me. This time spent with the bodybuilding was valuable, I learned a lot, and I absolutely couldn't stand the way I was training. Getting back into what I know works for me brought back the old me. I'm going to take a lot of what I learned from this and apply it to what I already know works and use it to come back stronger than ever.

The old me is not a good me. Not by a longshot. I am coming back from this evil.


  1. What did you not like about your old way of training? Real interesting.

    Good luck with everything man. I never doubted your ability to have a good head on you when facing something like this but it's inspiring to see such positivity in practice.

    1. There wasn't anything I disliked about my old way of training. I just knew that, if I tried to continue to follow it, I would've injured myself even worse by pushing too hard and getting pissed off from seeing my strength decline. It was much better for me psychologically to do something completely different so that I could take my mind off of things. Once I start healing though, I'm heading right back to what I know works.

      And thanks for the comment. Remaining positive is so key in these situations. I still have brief flashes of getting pissed off at myself, but none of that is helpful. Always got to look forward to the next step.