Friday, July 22, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2183


Speed: 8.2
Elevation: 1.5
Time: 20:00

Notes: Quickly gained, quickly lost. Been about 3 weeks since I could go on a long run, and I was hurting. I'll build back up to 30:00 again quick, but with me moving soon, this is the first thing on the chopping block as time gets stressed. I like being in good running shape, but it's real far down on my fitness priorities.

Woke up at 195.4. Going to do conditioning in the evening. Mouth is just about 100%. Should be good for mat pulls tomorrow.


Front carry medley

1: Run 200lb sandbag 50'
2: Run back to start
3: Run 100lb keg 50'

Did the above 5 times


200lb sandbag 50'

Finished with

High handle prowler w/100lb keg for 360'

Notes: THIS was the workout I've been looking for! EMOM just wasn't doing this, but went back to something evil and basic. First time touching the sandbag since the injury; I was worried the pick-up would bug the meniscus. Getting into position seemed to stretch the ligament a touch, but just meant I needed to warm-up a touch. After that it was back to old times. By the 5th round, I was just walking with the implements. I noticed that my sprint between implements had grown MUCH faster than it used to be; I imagine I can credit that to all the running I've been doing.

The prowler work at the end was an amazing finisher. Came down with a little bit of prowler flu.

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