Saturday, April 1, 2017

Training Log: Entry 2382


(4) Axle mat pulls
1x366 (mixed grip)
1x456 (mixed grip)
1x551 (straps)
11x506 (straps, touch and go, rest pause)
26 second DOH hold 27

Notes: Glute is in a weird place.  I'm good for 1 big set, and then after that, I'm done.  Tried working up to my squat workout after this and had difficulty unracking 230.  Think I'm going to do the smart thing and just take a week off next week.  Also going to do some more active rehab for the glute.  Reverse hypers, fire hydrants, whatever I can do to get blood flowing to the area.

Woke up at 195.8.  Cheat meal yesterday was super decadent cheeseburger and sweet potato fries.

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