Friday, February 5, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2043



Notes: Thinking the rain we had recently changed the friction of the surface I was pushing on, as every step was a battle and the front of the prowler kept snagging. Eventually one of the bolts on the skis snapped off, so I called it a day. Sent elitefts an e-mail asking if they'd send me a replacement ski, otherwise I'll just order the 3 pack. This is the second time a bolt on a piece of conditioning equipment has snapped on me. I'm only 190lbs, there is no way I'm putting a bunch of wear and tear on these things.

Might be a sign it was time to take it easy, because I'm still pretty fried from that short of a distance.

Woke up at 188.8 this morning.


Prowler workout part 2


Notes: Just wanted to redeem my morning workout. Did low handles up and high handles down. Real ass-kicker, the terrain has definitely changed. On the plus side, my gorilla tape repair job held up well on the prowler, and it'll be a good temp fix until I get some resolution. Also, I needed to burn off this cheat meal.

Cheat meal: Jack in the Box, 2 Monster Tacos, Small Curl Fries, Jack's Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Ultimate Cheeseburger (minus 1 full set of buns between the two sandwiches).

What's amazing is how not sick and ready for more food I was after that meal. JITB was a big part of my childhood, and I was just tripping down memory lane the whole time.

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