Friday, February 26, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2059


Prowler (high handles)

Notes: Been dry, so friction was high. Front ski kept skipping, and I've got a slight cold that made breathing tricky. So even though this was less distance than last week, it was a much more challenging workout. I am hoping I get the clear to start really loading the knee soon, because it would be nice to actually put some weight on the prowler and throw in some more challenges. Still, this has been awesome for my recovery in general.

General notes: Woke up at 190.8. Appetite has been diminished. Today is the cheat meal day and I'm not really feeling anything. That said, current way forward plan is to up my post workout carbs (from 1 poptart to 2) and see how that goes. That's broken me out of weight gain slumps so far.


Rolling thunder


Notes: Tried for 210 but couldn't get it off the ground. The set of 185 was solid though, so I think I'm going to try to progress back up with higher reps and see if that breaks the plateau.

Figure I'll talk about some dreams I've had recently. Last night I dreamed I was the Juggernaut of Marvel Comics fame, but it wasn't really very dramatic aside from that. I've most likely just committed to being the character for so long that it's become infectious. However, more interesting was the night before.

I was in a dimly lit house, and for some reason I had this understanding that, if the lights went out, a vengeful ghost would invade the house and come after me. Sure enough, the lights went out, the ghost burst through some sort of saloon style/Japanese sliding doors and came after me.

I figured this was the time it was supposed to be a nightmare, but instead of being afraid, I grabbed the ghost by the face and just started screaming all manner of obscenities at it. Just a barrage of profanity "F**K YOU F**K YOU F**K YOU", my thumbs in it's mouth, feeling it's teeth chewing on them (I'm aware of the incorporeal nature of ghosts, but I guess my subconscious needs a refresher). That's when I woke up.

At first I just laughed it off, but if I want to engage in some revisionist dream interpretation, I'd like to think that the ghost was the representation of the fear of re-injury. I know it's looming, and as soon as I let my guard down it's going to come, but I'm too pissed off to let it get me.

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