Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2056

One legged SSB box squats DROPSET

Notes: First time in a while squatting in the morning. Been getting lazy and putting my training off until the evening for a bit on this, just because I honestly can't get too excited about squatting on just one leg. Brutal workout, made it all the way through. I'll be upping the weight again, but I am hoping that my future will soon allow for me to squat on both legs. I know the weight will be light, but it will be something.

Axle deadlifts 60lbs

Notes: Since the squat workout is so high rep, I think I'm going to keep this a set of 100 each week and use my good morning workout as the time to push for rep PRs. Might even be stupid and very slowly increase the weight on this each session while keeping the reps constant.

Blast strap fallout hold

Neck harness 65lbs
50-20-15 (rest pause)

Reverse hyper 25lbs

General notes: Woke up at 191.6. Think I am finally solidly in the 190s again. Knee is all around kinda achy and swollen, but the graft area feels fine. I imagine most of the issues I'm dealing with these days are more related to the meniscus and fracture in the patella versus the ACL. Shoulders kinda bugging me too, not sure what's going on there.

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