Monday, February 15, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2050

One legged safety squat bar box squats DROPSET

Notes: I'm pretty much only limiting myself out of safety's sake at this point.  I've got more juice in the right leg for that first set, but there is a good chance that, out of fatigue, I shift the weight to the left leg.  Still, the dropset is frying it, and I could feel my leg locking up on the later sets, which is a sign that the intensity is just right.

Left leg walking lunges

Notes: Last week it was a lunge in place.  Still playing it safe with fatigue, but incredibly pleased to be training the left leg directly in any fashion.

Axle deadlifts 60lbs

Blast strap fallout holds

Neck harness 65lbs

Notes: Rest pausing these in a single set now that most of my training has moved in that direction.  Also, found out my Ironmind weight pin weighs 5lbs, so I factored that in to the weight.

Reverse hyper 15lbs

General notes: Woke up at 189.8 this morning.  Went to the beach this morning, chased after the kid for a solid 1.5 hours through sand/carried to and from the car through sand.  Exhausting, and a good test of the knee stability.  Went in the water for a little bit, but it was pulling my knee in some weird directions, so I called that a day.  Hit up Taco Bell for lunch and managed to restrain myself toward more of a controlled splurge versus a full on cheat meal.


  1. These are some really solid leg workouts you're getting in. Not sure if you mentioned this before but do the chains help with alleviating pressure off of your knee when it's the most bent and vulnerable?

    Your child refuses to let your knee be babied while relaxing at the beach, that's pretty awesome.

    1. The chains are a bit of a non-factor in regards to the knee, as I'm still only squatting with the good leg. I more just use the chains because they feel more natural with the SSB for some reason. It always makes the movement feel "better".

      By all accounts, I should be able to start squatting for real again in the next 3 weeks, so until then I just do this with the good leg and light work with the healing leg.

      My daughter has been amazing for my recovery. She helped me discover that I can still sprint a few steps on the healing knee when she almost pulled a chair into her face and I had to rush to stop her.

      Yup...still can sprint...and absolutely shouldn't, haha.