Friday, February 19, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2054


Prowler (high handles)

Notes: Had a little rain, friction coefficient was in my favor, so I went for some distance. This broke down to 14 trips of 180'. It's amazing the difference it makes pushing for 180' non-stop vs 50', as I've technically pushed this further but stopping so often to turn around had something of a restorative benefit that I wasn't getting here. Originally was going to push it 12 trips and then realized how excited I was for it to be over on the 12th length, which in turn got me disgusted with myself for being so happy to be done with training so I threw in an extra 2 trips. I am most likely psychotic.

General notes: Woke up at 192.0, which is crazy, because I went to bed at 197.5. Not sure how I lost so much weight overnight; usually I see more like a 3lb drop. Plan to get in a light workout tonight, something like the rolling thunder.

Tried to capture a photo of my upper body 2 days post capillary apocalypse. Lighting in my house is still pretty bad, and some of the damage has faded, but if you look hard you can still see just how far down the shoulder it goes. Knowing it spreads across the chest and onto the other shoulder makes it more crazy, haha.


Rolling thunder

2 picks with left, 1 with right


Notes: For some reason, my left hand always has an easier time with the rolling thunder, while my right is better with the grippers. Still, really pleased with my performance on this. Broke the 200lb mark without really having any idea what the hell I'm doing. Might actually have a future with this movement.

Oh yes, and cheat meal was pretty light this week.  3 item Panda Express: Double orange and teriyaki chicken, mixed veggies, and then a McFlurry for dessert.  Was planning on getting a Shamrock shake, but they weren't serving them yet. Might allow myself to eat a little dirtier this weekend.

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