Friday, February 12, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2048

AM Workout

Prowler (high handles)

Notes: Since the friction has changed on my path, I'm just going for sets of super long runs. It's pounding my legs pretty decent. I'll need to find a straight stretch so I can use my harness sometime soon.

Woke up at 191.4. Big jump, but I think there is some bloat there. Gotta decide on a cheat meal today, not really craving anything.


Rolling thunder

3 picks with left hand/4 with right

20 pick ups

Notes: The pick-ups with 190 were sketchy, but there was definitely daylight between the floor and the plates when it was all said and done, and I made sure not to pin the rolling thunder against my body. I originally tried for 205 before, and it just wasn't happening, but it's a new goal. Really enjoy this implement.

The set of 135 was most likely limited by the knee in reality. Didn't want to push to the point of fatigue and end up damaging my ligament.

On that topic, something of a compliment at PT, found out that the reason for the disagreement between the two physical therapists was due to the fact that my leg did not atrophy as much as they anticipated during recovery. They've noted that I am able to get away with a lot more than most at this stage in my recovery as my musculature is able to shoulder the load for my ACL. This of course is also a dangerous proposition, as it means that I can put myself in pretty dangerous situations, for if my muscles were to fail and the load shifted to my ACL, it would most likely tear again.

So, victory for fighting off atrophy as well as I have, but have to continue to be vigilant and ride that razors edge.

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