Saturday, February 13, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2049

Axle strict press 125lbs

Notes: Starting to get into the ridiculous parts of the Building the Monolith template, and I'm liking it. I was still supersetting between this and t-bar rows with minimal rest, but this was kicking my ass this morning. Some humidity to deal with, but my cheat meal was coming back to haunt me a little too (Jack in the Box again). Still, really happy with all this pressing volume, especially since my impingement isn't coming back to haunt me.

Axle curls

Notes: After the rolling thunder yesterday, this was miserable on my forearms, but I got through.

Band pushdowns

Band pull aparts

T-bar rows 90lbs
A million sets of 10

Notes: Sets between sets again. I definitely could've jacked up the weight or the reps, but I was using zero body english on this and really focusing on moving the weight purely with the back. In general, I have always been terrible with bi-lateral rows. My stupid long arms make it difficult to maintain a decent torso angle, and I end up using very low weight, but this still did a great job of hammering my back.

General notes: Woke up at 192.4 this morning. Been seeing some big weight spikes, but still keeping my abs visible. Having some GI issues here and there, and imagine I've just got some dead weight in the colon. My appetite is actually pretty low these days, and I'm burnt out on high fat foods. There may also be something to say about my ability to finally train the left leg some: I may just be putting on muscle again quickly. I have noticed the leg is starting to match the right again in terms of size. Either way, not going to get too upset. Being in the low 180s for so long was weird.

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