Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2214

Axle Bench Press

Superset w/

Lat pulldowns 140

DB lateral/rear lateral 20lbs

Notes: Triceps are still smoked from dips, so locking out was a mess. Also, I was naughty and rounded up to 206 for the first set when it should have been 200. Just didn't want to mess around with the plates. Poor discipline on my part.

Brought back the lat pulldowns. When I was doing really well in strongman, I was doing them, so it seems worthwhile to do again. With my machine, a little weight goes a long way. Focused entirely on the back and the squeeze.


Close grip axle bench 206

T-bar rows 3 plates

Grenade ball chain reverse curls

Notes: Plan is to gradually increase the incline each week while keeping the weight around the same with bech. Started flat today. Going to keep the grip close to really hammer the triceps.

For t-bar rows, wanted to get in more real volume compared to the drop sets I was doing previously. I'm trying to play my back work a little more strategic and see how that works.

Grenade balls were brought in for grip work. Going to be focusing a bit more on that.


Because I'm going to be doing a contest in December.


Just cleared it with the boss and the family, and it looks like we're good to go. I'm still going to need to register, but here is what I am eyeing

2016 Golden State Strongman Series Part 1: Urban Throwdown

Event 1: Axle Clean and Press- Last Man Standing: 3 attempts at a Max. 30 seconds to press once name is called. No built up belts, tacky, or gloves. Chalk allowed. Athletes will wait for a “DOWN” command. Heaviest press wins.
Starting Bar Weight: 175

Event 2: Deadlift Medley- 60 second time limit. Barbell/Frame/Axle/Farmers. Single rep at each implement. NO straps, suits, or gloves. Athletes will wait for a “DOWN” command before moving on to next implement.
Barbell: 405
Frame: 450
Axle: 465
Farmer's: 260 per hand

Event 3: Yoke Carry. This is a 60 second timed event. Unlimited Drops. Chalk allowed. Whole implement must cross the finish line. Athletes will receive 2 second penalty for “sliding” yoke across finish.
Weight: 525
Distance: 80'

Event 4: Herculean Hold— Athlete will hold for longest time. No Tacky or gloves. Chalk only. Athletes will be given a ready call and give a nod or verbal confirmation to judge. Time ends when athlete drops any one of the handles. 
Weight: 200 per hand

Event 5: Keg Carry/ Sled Drag Medley: Kegs at 75ft, 50ft, 25ft and reverse sled drag 75ft. Athlete will carry and run back to pick next keg for carry. Kegs must be carried in order and placed standing up. Gloves allowed (“Gorilla Grip” or similar ok). Whole sled must cross finish line for time to stop. Time or distance will determine winner.
75' Keg: 175
50' Keg: 200
25' Keg: 225
Sled: 365

I am in the fortunate position of owning the majority of the gear needed to train for this, and having enough DIYs to fake the stuff I don't have. This competition doesn't play to my strengths; I am better at reps on the axle than max weight due to how much I suck at continentals, deadlift medleys favor explosive deadlifters while I'm pretty slow, and a yoke that light is going to be about being fast vs strong. I think I've got a good shot on the Hercules hold just based off of mental fortitude, and I think I can gut out the final medley pretty well. That said, I'm excited to 1 be back to competition and secondly have a competition that will force me to improve my weaknesses. I'm already coming up with a gameplan, and will post is shortly.

Also, I stepped on my bathroom scale today and it said I was 189.8. That's honestly pretty possible; everyone I've run into is saying I look thin, and I haven't been eating great while I've been moving. I'm going to test out the scale with some weight plates to see if it's weighing light, but if it's not, that's awesome, because it means I can eat bigger while training to help my recovery.


  1. Awesome news! I'd love to try the Hercules hold. Not something I've come across in amateur contests yet. Last-man-standing press sounds fun as shit, too. The deadlift medley looks light. I guess they want to give you a false sense of victory before the farmers' walk.

    Kill 'em.

    1. Appreciate it dude. I've seen the Hercules start popping up in a few shows. Seems to be gaining some popularity after some time out of the limelight.

      It's actually just a farmer's handle deadlift rather than a farmer's walk at the end of the medley, although the latter would be far more evil, haha.

      I'm excited to see what I can do. I've been in this venue before too, which will be nice.

  2. Fuck yeah man, excited to follow along.


    1. Good to have you in my corner dude. I'll make my official announcement on Sunday, haha.