Friday, September 30, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2235

186lb Axle Triples EMOM for 10 minutes

This was a much better effort than last week.  The first set was rough, mainly because I didn't warm-up at all, so that WAS the warm-up, but after that I really focused on driving with the hips on the second pull.  By about the 3 round, I was really firing on all cylinders, and the weight was a non-factor.  Starting to really get a feel for this.  Next week will be 193, and just keep progressing from there.

Woke up at 192.0.  Cheat meal this week was a PB&J bacon cheeseburger (yes, all at once, and it was delicious) with fries and then a maple donut with sprinkles.  Not terribly heavy, but very enjoyable.

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