Thursday, September 8, 2016

Training Plan Update

So, I realize I recently laid out my return to training plan, but now that I have a for real competition to train for, I can fine tune things.

Here are some ideas I have going on right now.

Things I need to improve:
-Continental clean technique (I literally hit my first ever continental clean on Saturday, and in a last man standing axle press event, it's going to be my weakpoint. I can press more than I can clean at this point)
-Axle deadlift without straps; I have never done this with heavy weight. I've hit 586 with straps, and I hit 246 for 5 double overhand every workout, but I've never pulled anything heavy with mixed grip. It's part of a medley, so I need to be able to set up and quickly hit it, but I know that rushing it is how people tear biceps. I'm going to get my grip stupid strong to help, and practice my mixed grip.
-Hercules hold: find out what the hell this entails for me
-Footspeed; always my weakness. A light yoke and a long carry event is going to make this significant.

Press Day

-3/5/1 vs 5/3/1
-On 3s week, go for 3+ and FSL strict, then clean and press (clean once) for 2x8-12
-On 5s week, hit bare minimum reps, then joker set push press for top single (no FSL)
--Possibly chase it with some heavy cleans, undecided at the moment
-On 1s week, go for 1+ and FSL, then clean and press each rep for 2x6-12
-Assistance work remains the same (100-200 dips, chins, poundstone curls, pull aparts, DB rows)

Squat day
-Main workout the same
-Match assistance work to press day
--On 3s week, Heavy continental cleans (work up to a single)
--On 5s week, light car deadlift
--On 1s week, heavy car deadlift
*Possibly shift focus away from car deadlift to totally on continental clean if it turns out I just desperately need the helps

Bench Day
-Main workout same
-Assistance work focus on lockout and grip (Close grip and incline benching, possibly bring out the slingshot, grenade balls and other gimmicks)

Deadlift day
-Keep ROM progresison axle deadlift: getting stronger has always worked, and I don't have enough plates to set up the medley
--Only use straps on last warm-up set; get more comfortable on axle without straps/mixed grip.
*Consider a second backoff set. First set with straps. First backoff with straps. Second backoff without straps. Alternatively, only 1 backoff, as many reps as possible without straps, then strap up to finish.
*May need to ease off on dumb squat workout. Perhaps 1 day of just megahigh reps, 1 day of rest pausing. Might have it alternate depending on if I do 1 backoff set or 2. It's more a time consideration than anything else.
*Consider bringing back timed double overhand holds while I'm at it.

Alternate weeks
Week 1: Yoke with backwards prowler drag finisher
Week 2: 4 implement carry with backwards prowler drag
--4 implements just to make things suck. I have a 100lb keg, a 182lb keg, and a 200lb sandbag. I have an unfilled sandbag that I can make up to 225, and I also have an idea for a fake keg that I might try and see if it works.

I have an idea of how to rig up a Hercules hold using some blast straps, loading pins, my rack and my yoke. I'm going to give it a try. If I find out that grip is the limiting factor, I'm going to just train the holy hell out of my grip with the rolling thunder, grippers, and gimmicky stuff during lift days. If it's other musculature, I might just keep doing the Hercules hold.

I still want to keep up my running, but it's going to be put on the backburner. Most likely once a week, alternate between a 30 minute run and a 1.5 mile run.

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