Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2234


Axle bench

Notes: Wasn't happy with the 12, but the 20 made up for it. Just wasn't firing on the cylinders I was hoping for. Warm-ups felt heavy, and unrack felt like my hand spacing was too wide.

NG Chins (various grip spacing)

DB lateral/rear lateral 25lbs

Notes: Performed in between sets of benching.  For chins, instead of hitting 10 middle, 5 wide, 5 narrow as I was doing before, I'm doing a full set of 20 at a specific grip width and switching each set.  Idea is that more time spent hanging on the bar will help my grip strength.


(2) Axle Incline Bench 206

DB rows 105

DB reverse curls 30

Notes: Moved the bench up a notch.  Will stick with that until I can hit 5x8. My FG DB row idea has fizzled at this point, since I'm now doing so many other things to train grip that I don't really have the strength to make the most of this.  I have another idea regarding a DB row handle I have that I might try implementing, but for now this is working.

General notes: Woke up at 192.2 this morning.  I'm staying away from almonds for a while now.  Additionally, my pre-training meal has moved to 2 slices of toast with some local raw, unprocessed honey on it. Trying to jack up the pre-workout carbs a touch to see if it does anything for me, and I've heard positive things about the honey.

Reason I'm staying away from almonds is I'm fairly certain I am allergic to them.  Was having GI issues that coincided with switching from peanut butter to almond butter, and yesterday I went into full on anaphylaxis immediately after eating it. Think I'll see some quality of life improvements along the way.



182lb keg 50'
50' back to start
50' back to 182lb keg
182lb keg 50'
100lb keg 50'
50' back to start
50' backwards prowler drag loaded w/182lb keg

2 rounds of the above

100lb keg 50'
50' back to start
50' back to 100lb keg
100lb keg 50'
182lb keg 50'
50' back to start
50' backwards prowler drag loaded w/100lb keg

2 rounds of the above

Notes: Weather forecast was calling for lighting on Friday, and as much as I would like to be struck be lighting in the middle of a medley with a bunch of steel equipment in order to prove that I can come back from anything and God himself can't stop me, it would really hinder my contest prep, so I opted for a 2 a day today.

This was an awesome wakeup call.  I was sucking wind something fierce.  The sled drags were a bear w/182, which means it's what I need to make normal.  I've got 10 weeks to really dial things in.

Focused on just giving it my all on the drags, and sprinting between implements when I could.

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