Friday, September 23, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2229

Medley for 5 rounds
320lb yoke for 50'
100lb keg for 50'
Backwards prowler drag w/100lb keg for 50'

320lb yoke for 50'
3 trips

Notes: On the medley, some rounds had me Yoke, run keg to prowler and drag, and others had me yoke, prowler drag backwards, run keg back.  Just depended on how the previous round ended equipmentwise.

On the very last yoke trip, I finally found the strongman that was hiding inside me.  Up until that point, yoke was feeling better and I was more comfortable than last time, but still just wasn't feeling the speed.  I got myself mentally set, told myself I was going to go all out, and remembered to TALK to myself the entire time.  Instead of my usual "Quick feet quick feet" it was "this is it this is it this is it", and I blazed through faster than on any other sets.  I was letting the yoke carry me and my feet move quickly.  I definitely am starting to remember again.  Contest weight is going to be 200lbs heavier than this, but all I need is to get the feet moving again and the strength will easily follow.

Woke up at 191.0.  Cheat meal this week was a plate of fried rice and 3 entrees at a local chinese place.  Pretty light; I might go heavier through out the weekend.

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