Monday, September 12, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2218


Axle strict press
11x143 (continental from floor)

Axle clean once and press away

Notes: Finding my groove on how this workout is going to unfold.  The main event on the clean once and press away is really the continental.  Once I can get that locked in, I honestly forget that I'm even supposed to actually press the damn weight; I just get so excited I nailed the continental.  The practice is going to pay off, and already the movement is getting better.  My meniscus bugged me on the second set of press aways; need to be cautious about how I land out of the leg drive.  Also accidentally hit the garage door opener, so I'll need to check where I place myself next time.

It's pretty telling that I'm using less weight with leg drive to hit the same numbers as strict pressing.  I'm really fatigued going into the press aways, but that's by design.  For 1, I'm getting better at being technical when fatigued, but primarily I have found a way to limit the amount of weight I'll be putting on my knee.  If I were to do it fresh, it'd be a lot more stressful.  As I get closer to the contest, I'll most likely flip things around to get some practice with heavy weights, but this is working for now.

Dips (upright)
100 reps

Notes: Was able to hit 40 in 1 go on the first rest pause group.  Stuck with 50 and 50 again.  Next time, I'm thinking 60 and 60.

Axle curls

BACKWORK (performed in between sets of everything else)

Lat pulldown 140

Notes: Going to keep the weight the same and get into stupid high reps for a bit.  Really trying to focus on the squeeze.

Band pull aparts

Axle rows 173

Notes: First 4 sets without straps.  Last set with.  I abhor barbell rows, but I'm giving it another go because I'm stupid.  I figure time spent DOH with the axle will help with my grip on the axle deads and cleans.  I'm not quite getting the back contraction I'd like on these, but they're doing something, because they beat me up something fierce.  The workout also goes faster with me doing bi-lateral vs uni-lateral rows (this whole thing took me 65 minutes), so there is something there as well.  I'm thinking I might keep the axle rows, but finish up the workout with 1 set of Kroc rows (you know, the way it's supposed to be done) to put the gift wrap on the back work.

General notes: Scale said 191.4 this morning.  Think I'm gradually getting my weight back, which is what I was hoping for.  Switched up my post-workout nutrition a little.  Trying to completely eliminate fat from the meal, so I switched from a pop-tart to Frosted Flakes, which I mix in a bowl with skim milk and protein powder.  Actually turned out pretty decent.  My left shin is bugging me.  I think the fracture site is acting up.  Could be all the cold and humidity I'm dealing with.

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