Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2220


Axle bench press

Notes: So I'm torn here, because this was a very solid press performance, but I'm honestly pretty upset with myself with how distracted I was during this workout.  Just plain wasn't giving it the focus I should have.  I'm a little far out from the comp, so I can play those games now, but I'm behind the 8 ball coming back from an injury and really need to put the screws in.  Still, very solid performance after such a terrible workout yesterday.

(1)Incline axle close grip bench 206

Notes: Getting this figured out.  Had a decent set-up in the power rack on the 17 pin.  Going to stay here next week and shoot for minimum of 8s all across before moving up.  I'm liking the logic on this one.

ASSISTANCE WORK (performed in between sets of main work)

NG chins (various grips)

Band pull aparts

DB rows 105

DB reverse curls 25

Notes: So let's explain what's going on here.  Chins and pull aparts during benching.  Rows and reverse curls were a giant set with the incline bench.  On the rows, I'd start with a fat grip on the dumbbell and row until I couldn't, then I'd strip the FG and do as many rows necessary to hit a set of 10.  I'm liking this approach, as it's taxing my grip while still allowing me to hammer the back pretty hard.  Usually my beef with fat gripz was you sacrificed the rest of the body for grip work.  For some reason, my left hand is better at gripping than my right.  I noticed this with the rolling thunder, and this confirmed it.

Strategy will be to keep the weight the same but perform more reps with the fat gripz each week.  So next week I'll start with 5. Then 6.  Once I can hit 10 on the first set, I'll leave it like that and work to get 10 on the second.  I figure, if I get to the point where I can do all sets with the fat gripz on, my grip will really have turned into something ridiculous.  Meanwhile, I'm contemplating always leaving that last set without the gripz and going for rep PRs.  Possibly go without straps to still get the grip benefits, or maybe with straps.  I'm also thinking ending my press workout in a similar fashion, so I might just alternate that way. 

In general, I'm liking how this plan is evolving.  It's making more sense as I go.

General notes: Woke up at 189.8.  Need to quit being afraid of eating. Don't get fat, but recover and put on some muscle.

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