Friday, September 9, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2215

Yoke/reverse prowler drag medley 50'


50 minutes of 320 yoke/100lb keg on prowler

Notes: So the warm-up went ok, and then I put 320 on the yoke (which used to be my second warm-up) and it felt like a million pounds.  I was slow as hell, and my knee ached a bunch.  Thankfully, it was the top of the knee rather than the surgical site, so I pressed on.  Rather than upping the weight, I did what I tell everyone else to do; get fast with light weights before I try to get fast with heavy weights.  I did over a dozen runs before I finally started to remember how to move with a yoke again, and towards the end I was finally starting to feel a LITTLE fast.  The sled wasn't terrible, but I picked up a few tricks while I was at it.  Along with choppy feat, I need to keep my head up the whole time.  When I look down at the weight, it puts my weight forward, but when I keep my head up, my weight falls back, which allows me to use my weight on the sled.  I was moving faster toward the end than I was at the beginning.

Woke up at 190.0.  Cheat meal was 4.5 slices of a local thin crust pizza loaded with tons of meat.

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