Saturday, September 12, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1936

AM training

Farmer's walks, 185 per hand

Notes: These were definitely speed farmers, which is great considering it's competition weight. Biggest focus is on moving off the pick up. Making sure that I'm moving up and forward, rather than just straight up. From there, foot speed: really have to be basically "falling forward" the entire time. Will have to work out with my partner if I'm going first or last in the leg.

Woke up at 190.8. I think this is a decent weight/bodyfat% to maintain for now. I'm willing to let the weight climb a few pounds while training for this comp, but nothing drastic.

PM Training

(3) Mat Pulls 600+chains
13 reps

Notes: 7 on the first, then 3, then 3. Gave it my all, nothing left for dead stops. Good workout. We've had a heatwave here, and it was so hot in my garage that the sweat on my shins was actually making the bar move up and down more smoothly. I suddenly understand the appeal of baby powder. If I can keep 7 all the way to the floor, I'll be happy.

Rolling thunder 135
1x22 seconds
1x12 seconds

Squats strip set

Notes: Only rested as long as it took to switch out plates. Started with 4 plates and a quarter, and would just keep taking the quarter off or a plate off as appropriate. Great set, really tried to hammer depth, felt my quads blowing up pretty decent. Definitely need to hit a feeder workout later.

General Notes: Cheat meal today was 1 carne asada quesadilla, half of a chicken quesadilla, and a quest bar. They were huge quesadillas, and though I could've finished the second one, I knew I was going beyond cheating in doing so. I have trained everyday this week and am helping a friend move tomorrow. Been one helluva week.

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