Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1945


Axle Push Press from rack

Axle strict press from rack

Notes: The 238 was moving real smooth, but on rep 3 I felt a light burning in my right tricep and on the 4th rep it went into full on "on fire" mode. Did the back off strict set just to test it out, and it seems ok. I think it was ultimately just the elbow cuff sitting funny on the tricep and pulling it in a weird direction, but this close to the contest I don't mind playing it safe. I'm thinking I may need to bring some strict pressing back into my rotation anyway.



Notes: I had at least an 8th on the 100 set, but the left dip bar buckled on the eccentric when I went for it, and fighting for it seemed like a bad idea. Right clavicle was a little pissed off from this, but I think I can sort that out. Ultimately I'm pretty pleased with this approach, and I think my execution is sound. I might rest a little on the drop set in the future, as this was done with only enough rest to switch out weights which, with a loading pin, goes by real fast. Also like the heavier warm-up set/pre-exhaust approach as a way to build up some volume.

D-ring lat pulldown/kelso shrug combo
4x10/5 of 140
1x20/5 of 90

Notes: Hit the sets of 140 supersetted with the warm-ups on dips, hit the set of 20 after the big drop set. Also did a bunch of band pull aparts today, but hard to log them.

DB curl dropset
10x40lb (Hammercurl)
10x35 (Curl)
10x30 (HC)
10x25 (C)
10x20 (HC)
10x15 (C)
10x10 (HC)

Notes: Was feeling the right tricep again slightly on these, but it seemed to go away with time. Still a big fan of this approach.

General notes: Woke up at 191.6. Seemed to have shed the water I picked up over the weekend. Back is just about 100%. Crazy how beat up I'm getting. Plan to hit some band triceps at lunch and some axle cleans after work today to round out this workout.


Axle clean and press (clean each rep) 188

Notes: Was originally going to just do cleans, but then I remembered I was stupid and wanted to train wrong. Clavicle was a little tender, but tricep held up fine. Great speed and leg drive, conditioning might be the only x-factor on this, and with trading off with a partner, I think we'll be good.

Average band pushdowns

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