Monday, September 21, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1943

Low incline axle 235
13 reps

Notes: My grip is obnoxiously wide on this movement, but it seems to reduce elbow pain. I think there might be some benefit in pressing with a wide grip, considering I never do it otherwise, so we'll keep at it.

Shoulder circuit
3 rounds

Dips (tricep emphasis) 75lbs
17 reps

Notes: Minor progress for last session, but a few mechanical issues got in the way. Still, it's more reps and I pushed myself, so that's what matters.

D-ring lat pulldown 190lbs
17 reps

Notes: Back was still a little tender from deadlifts, didn't want to hang weights while I did chins, so went full DC style today and hit up the pulldown instead. Never really like going too heavy on pulldowns, as I feel like I use a lot more muscles than my lats to accomplish the movement.

Dumbbell rows 105

Sets between sets of everything x 3

General notes: Woke up at 193.6. 2lb gain from yesterday, notice that I tend to gain this exact amount of weight whenever I have Subway for lunch. I think the sodium is to blame. I don't eat the bread, but I do get the steak. Body is full of minor aches. Planning on restructuring my training week post contest. Going to start deadlifting on Friday mornings when possible (ideally every week, but with work obligations, may be at most 2x a week) and then making my Saturday's a legit events day. This will mean I can cut down on my 2 a days as well, or use that time for other things. Pretty excited about the idea, especially the flexibility it grants me on weekends. It could also mean an opportunity to increase my dietary flexibility, as I'd now have 2 super intense training days a week versus 1.

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