Monday, September 28, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1948

Swiss bar floor press 275
12 reps

Notes: 2 rep PR from last time. The messed up glute was actually an asset here, as it meant absolutely zero chance of using leg drive. Seems like the program is working.

Shoulder circuit
3 rounds

Close grip swiss bar bench 245
14 reps

Notes: 2 rep PR. Going to increase the weight next time.

D ring lat pulldown 180
16 reps

Notes: Going full on DC mode with this workout, and did the rest pausing and everything. Glute just makes me not want to do chins. Also had to cut out rows because of it.

Band pull aparts

Assisted GHRs

General notes: Woke up at 190.2. Once again, seems I don't have a good ability to estimate the effects of nutritional variance. Actually saw a 1 and an 8 as the first two numbers for a second. Theory is that the lack of hard workouts is diminishing my appetite, and that I've got something of a nutritional guilt complex over eating bigger if I'm not training hard. Need to knock that out for now.

Still trying to figure out what's going on injurywise. Back in pain this morning, wondering if the memory foam mattress is detrimental to recovery. As far as WHAT the injury is, still pretty clueless. I can contract the glute without issue, the pain is constant but can be increased with movement, and I noticed that the worse of it was when I held a weight in the hand of the opposite side and walked. Seems to be something involved with lateral movement and counter balance. May be taking the next 2 weeks off before the contest in terms of heavy lower body work and just stick with rehab. Might be a nice deload and a good way to transition into some different programming.


  1. Man, I haven't checked here for a while due to it being a deload week and I come back to see you're injured. At least you'll have one of those great stories after the contest is over about how you competed (and knowing you did well) just weeks after a debilitating injury. Also, I got rid of my memory foam mattress due it hurting my back, just not enough support.

    1. I am definitely getting all the injury based training revelations, and this will make for a good story, but goddamn does it suck to hobble everywhere, haha. Yeah, I went to bed last night feeling fine and woke up broken. Some of that is the drugs wearing off I'm sure, but it feels like my mattress is breaking me. Might need to find a work around. I'm pretty sure I'll be healed come the contest, but this not training heavy is making me crazy.