Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1939

Axle clean and press (clean once) 218

Axle clean and press (clean each rep) 188

Notes: Dorked up the first attempt at 218 and dropped the axle right on my quad. Came back to hit the set of 8 later, which I'm going to consider a "bad day PR" due to the circumstances. The weight has been reduced, and now I need to make an effort to get 218 to some high reps. The 188 wasn't to death, just fatigue. Feeling good for the contest, even with an Ironmind axle, I don't think I'm going to have difficulties cleaning 185.

Incline DB Press 105
(5) 1x8
(4) 1x7
(3) 1x8
(2) 1x8
(1) 1x7

Superset w/

D ring lat pulldown/kelso shrug 140

Notes: Think it's time to start swapping the DB presses. Making snail like progress, my overhead isn't really going up, and I've noticed that all the time in the incline range seems to be reducing my flat bench strength. Going to alternate this movement with weighted dips. Should also help reduce my training time, because this day keeps running too long.

DB Hammer curl/curl stripset
10x35lbs (Hammer)
10x30 (Curl)
10x25 (H)
10x20 (C)
10x15 (H)
10x10 (C)

Notes: Ran out of time, will hit some pushdowns on my lunch break. On that note, managed 3 minutes of reverse hyper yesterday at 25lbs per side. Made it 1.5 minutes before needing a slight rest.

General notes: Woke up at 191.6. Pinched a nerve/pulled a muscle in my neck. Serves me right for skipping the neck harness. Friday morning is going to get compromised again, so thinking about hitting the yoke tomorrow after work, and then stone carry on Friday with speed farmers on Saturday morning. Training 6 days a week at this point.

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