Monday, October 3, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2238


Axle strict press
1x226 (push press)
1x246 (push press)
0x256 (push press)

Notes: First time trying this approach. Leg drive was super weak.  I think I need to set-up backwards in the rack and walk forward with the weight rather than backwards coming out.  Looking at the rack seems to just screw me up psychologically, and walking backwards with the weight throws me off some.  I'm happy with what I managed, but I know I've got a lot more strength in me than that. Still, 225 was really smooth, and 246 wasn't awful.  I think it will make a decent second attempt.

Dips (upright)
130 reps

Notes: 2 clusters of 65 with rest pausing.  Managed 50 in one go on the first one.

Axle curls

BACKWORK (performed in between sets of everything else)

Lat pulldown 140

Band pull aparts

Axle rows 226

Notes: I'm actually liking the axle rows.  I keep them elevated at 7 mats per side and perform them from a deadstop.  Hammering the grip decent, but also hitting the lats.

General notes: Woke up at 193.6.  This workout wasn't as intense as other pressing days, but it was good to get some heavy weight.  I'm freaking out feeling 250+ on my chest, and I think exposure is the solution.  Realistically, I think that means it's time to start front squatting.  I can work that in on my SSB squat day, alternate weekly.  Think I may do just that.

Knee is swollen up like a goddamn grapefruit.  It's been raining a lot, and I think it's the humidity getting to it.

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