Monday, October 10, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2244


100lb keg 50'
Run back 50'
182lb keg 50'
Run back 50'
Run back to keg
182lb keg 50'
Backwards prowler w/182lb keg drag 50'

4 rounds of the above

Notes: It doesn't get better, but I get meaner and more evil, so that's something.  The drag is really getting better; I'm learning how to fall backwards while pushing with my quads at the same time.  I'm not happy with my footspeed with the 182lb keg.  I'm wondering it's just a product of fatigue after the first keg, because that flies right off the start.  Soon I'll be leading with the 182, so I'll be able to see.

General notes: Woke up at 194.4.  Had company over the night before and ate well, and then my kid got a stomach bug in the middle of the night so I spent the night on the floor in their room in case they needed me, so routine got a little jacked up.  Did my Friday workout tonight, and then will rock 3 early mornings in a row and possibly cap it with a 2 a day.

It has been a full year since my injury.  I am stronger than ever.

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