Friday, October 7, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2241

Yoke warm-ups
2x50' empty
2x50' 320lbs

410lb Yoke/backwards prowler drag w/182lb keg medley 50'
4 rounds

Notes: Seems like I got over whatever funk I was under on Wednesday.  Been eating big and getting mad and it seems to have paid off.  The prowler drags were the fastest they've been, and the yoke was moving smooth.  Rediscovered the value of short steps.  I was taking long strides before and it was slowing me down. It's so counter-intuitive, but shorter steps are faster steps. I DO need to warm-up if I really want to hit my stride, as my first run is still a little shaky.  Gotta remember that for the show.

General notes: Woke up at 191.4.  Cheat meal was 5 slices of thin crust pizza at a local place.  Was actually gearing up for a half pound cinnamon roll, but the place I was going to eat at closed down early today. That is SO much emotional turmoil for someone on a cheat meal, haha.

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