Sunday, March 5, 2017

Training Log: Entry 2360

10 minute EMOM "power stairs" workout
3x180lbs to 13" every minute

Notes: Was using my hungarian core blaster to simulate the stairs.  Not a bad substitute, but the pick is too low, so I get crazy clearance on the steps.  Easiest solution will be to build the step higher.  I'm also just using 13" of rubber mats to land onto.  This was too light a workout, so I'll move it up next time.

Still getting some pain in the forearms, even with the week off, so the next step might be to start taking the lat work light.

Woke up at 196.0 this morning.  Had a 1.4lb ribeye for dinner tonight.  Figure, if that doesn't heal me, I'm probably dying.

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