Saturday, March 5, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2065

1 mile walk

Notes: Now that I've been given the clear to run lightly in a straight forward direction, I figured I could re-join my work for it's monthly run/walk. Still made it a point to pass as many people as I could that were just strolling. The muscles by my shins are pretty lit up, and this was more fatiguing that I would have anticipated. Was prescribed Mobic by the surgeon, so trying one of those out to see if it helps with swelling. Knee held up very well, no pain, clicking, sliding, anything like that, just feels a little puffy. Might end up hitting the prowler later tonight. It's been raining, so friction will be in my favor.

Also, someone hit a fire hydrant before the walk. I was talking with someone who's husband is in charge of those things. Long story short, I may be adding a slightly hit by vehicle fire hydrant to my gym in the near future.

General notes: Woke up at 192.2. Soreness is going down. Will be moving my cheatmeal to today at lunch due to scheduling constraints.

Also, was bored at work today and went back and read some entries from 2006. It's amazing just how much the style of this log has changed.  I used to be much more narrative in the writing, and of course there was a lot more emphasis on fighting.  Just kinda crazy to step back like that.

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