Monday, March 28, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2083

One legged SSB Box squats 285+chains
1x15+5 (rest pause)

(3) SSB box squats

Notes: This was really intense. Weight is getting challenging.  Actually think I tweaked something in my left upper back from supporting the weight with my free arm. Cutting out the daily chins today to allow for healing.  Still getting through all this though.

Blast strap fallout holds

Notes: I think the run I did took more out of me than I realized.  My abs were on fire. It's difficult for me to reconcile psychologically how what seems like such insignificant stimulus can really be so intense.  I was starving all day yesterday as well after my effort.  Just another factor to consider.

Axle deadlifts 66lbs

Reverse hyper 55lbs
100 reps

Notes: Not 1x100, I had to keep rest pausing. Again, core just completely fried.

General notes: Woke up at 194.4. Knee is stiff in the morning these days, but warms up pretty quick.  Wonder if it's just fluid settling at night. Still laying off the NSAIDs at the moment.

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