Friday, March 11, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2070

AM Workout

Prowler (high handles)

Notes: Conditions were decent. Lightly drizzling while I was outside. Legs just ran out of gas. With it being a deload week, I suppose taking it easy isn't terrible. Really wanna hit that mile soon. Once I can manage that, I think I might start adding weight/variety.

PM Workout

Rolling thunder 185lbs

Notes: 195 wasn't feeling too smart today, so went for some rep PRs at 185. Left hand is still the stronger hand on this movement, it's pretty weird how that works. Really getting technique dialed in.

Reverse hyper 50lbs

Neck harness 65lbs
40+20+15 rest pause

General notes: Woke up at 192.0.  Cheat meal.

Taco Bell: 2 cheesey gordita crunches, 1 chicken quesadilla, 1 nachos supreme, 1 chicken loaded griller

An actual legit cheat meal for a change.

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