Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2073

Axle bench
7x190 w/Reactive Slingshot

Notes: Using the Rogue axle, since I don't want to dork up the Ironmind one on the bench. Huge improvement.  Going through my logs, the last time I hit 255 of the 5s week I managed it for 11 reps, and 195 for 17.  The reactive slingshot just plain didn't work, I never get anything out of it with barbell work.  I think to get more volume in the bench workout I might just hit all the build up sets for AMRAPS (so AMRAP the top set, then hit the second set again for AMRAP and the FSL).  I remember reading something like that in the 5/3/1 book.

NG Chins w/45lbs

DB hammer curls 35lbs

Notes: Hitting these between benching. It's tough for me to do so little back work during the workout, but I think hitting the daily volume will even it out, and it's nice to be able to focus on different areas this cycle.

Axle strict press 103
DB lateral raise 10lbs
Band pull aparts

Notes: Hit all 3 as one giant set. My shoulders were blown up afterwards. Really getting a lot of pressing volume in this way; going to see how my shoulder holds up.  Elbows were a little pissed off, but I think they'll adapt.

General notes: Woke up at 193.8.  Only about 10 hours between my squat workout and this one, and then went straight to physical therapy.  Feeling good.  Also, I'm cutting down my caffeine consumption this week, switching from 240mg caffeine Rockstars to 140mg Monsters. It's like using Methodone to get off Heroin, but it's something.

Already got most of my daily training in.
Dips: 1x50
NG chins: 1x25 (will get in 25 more later)
Band pull aparts: 1x100

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