Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2085

Axle bench press

Notes: Incredibly pleased with both the top set and the FSL. Weight was feeling heavy today and I thought 8 was realistic and 10 would be a stretch, but once I got set and had the axle in my hands it moved smoothly. This weight always holds a special place in my heart, as the first time I remember ever trying to max my bench was when I was a freshmen in college, and I managed a grindy 275. I feel like I've been spinning my wheels on bench for years, but being able to take an old max and hit it for 12 on a bad day can be really uplifting.  Honestly felt like I might've had 18 on the FSL, but I could feel my left knee caving in slightly while I tried some leg drive, and decided to play it safe.

NG chins 55lbs

DB hammer curls 40lbs

Notes: Chins between bench warm-ups, curls between worksets.  Right elbow is pretty pissed off.

Axle strict press 123

superset w/

DB lateral raise 10lbs
5x to pain

Notes: Rest times were a little short.  Will stick with this weight for next go round.

Got an updated protocol at physical therapy as well.

1: Bike x 15min
2: Gastroc, soleus, hamstring stretch 2x30 sec each
3: Squats 2x10
4: Calf raises 2x10
5: Step ups 2x10
6: 4 way straight legged leg raises 2x10 each way
7: Hamstring curls 2x10
8: Single leg stance ball toss 2x1 min
9: 360 degree hopping 2x10
10: Double leg jump to 4" box 2x20
11: Single leg jump up to 4" box 2x20

Really appreciated the PT tech on 9-10 saying "We normally do 2x10, but I felt like you could handle this". Good to have someone willing to push me even just a little bit.  I get some patella pain on the 360 degree hops, and I had to go to a 2" box for the single leg jumps, but I'm just happy to be doing something different. Looks like all my ROM work and stretching is finally done (minus the calf) and I'm moving on to strength and stability.

General notes: Woke up at 194.0. I think the little bit of extra running is honestly having a more significant impact on my weight than I realized. Excuse to eat more I suppose. Elbows are pretty inflamed, may consider switching out movements next week for my daily work.

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