Friday, March 25, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2080

AM Workout

Rolling thunder

Some picks of 195

Notes: Went for 210 again and whiffed. Scaled down to 205 and still nothing. At this point, grip was pretty fatigued, so got a few triples with 195.  I am getting BETTER at moving the 210 around, but not able to fully commit.  Just like the grippers, I think I need to spend more time doing holds.  I'll see how that pays out.

Kept up my daily workouts this week and hit a top set of 75 dips today.  Some of them may have been a little shallow on the lockout. I'm number chasing for sure, but I'm still getting a great pump in the chest and arms, which is what ultimately matters.

Had another follow up with physical therapy today and actually got my physical therapist to perform a more thorough evaluation of my progress.  Did the 3 point Y-balance test with both legs.  Predictably, my healing leg actually has better balance than my non-injured leg.  This blew the mind of my physical therapist, despite my having assured him that I was an uncoordinated clod before this all started, and all of this balance stuff is brand new to me regardless.

We then moved on to a triple hop test.  First, I did a broad jump with both legs 3 times.  Then 3 times with the uninjured leg.  Then 3 times with the healing leg.  This was where I couldn't perform.  I could still jump and land on the healing leg, but it felt unstable and quiet honestly I was terrified to be doing it. IT band got a little pissed off too. Doc is saying that I'm real close to being able to cut loose again, but we need to really nail that hop test.  Thankfully, he gave me a few drills to get better at it (considering this was the first time I have done ANY jumping since the surgery, I'm glad to get some practice in).

In addition to all of that, I've been given a protocol to "return" to running.  This is funny to me, as I only ever run 6 weeks out of the year normally, but most likely it'll become a slightly more regular part of my training while I recover.  The first big hurdle they want me to overcome is 30 minutes of brisk walking non-stop.  I think being able to push the prowler for an hour counts as that, so I'm most likely going to step things up slightly.  I see this as an opportunity to start practicing my quick footwork again as well, and do some things like unloaded farmer's walks.


180' high handle prowler
180' "run" back
180' farmer's walk (unloaded handles)

4 rounds, no breaks

2x180' high handle prowler

Notes: Decided to see what I could do today.  First medley since my injury.  Been dry this week, prowler was skipping and stopping a bunch.  The run was more just a quick shuffle step; I'm pretty sure I never had both feet off the ground at the same time.  Still, my intent was running, and that's something.  Was moving as fast as I could, heart rate was up.

General notes: Woke up at 194.8.  Cheat meal was pretty light today; Double western bacon cheeseburger and Criss Cut fries at Carl's Jr.  May actually consider losing some weight to help with the running.

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