Friday, May 6, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2120


Running on pavement
2.6 miles

Notes: First time back at my work's monthly run. The 2.6 miles is quoted to me, but I'm not sure where the actual start/stop points are. Still, this is about the time I was clocking in prior to my injury, so I'll call that a win. Had a pass a bunch of people and take corners slowly, which cut into my time a touch.

The first minute or two, my stride was pretty jacked up. The treadmill has been forcing decent running mechanics on me, but without it, it was basically "plant left foot, stride right, plant left, stride right". However, once I got a little warmed up and confident, I felt like I was running normally.

Just happy to keep getting closer to normal.

Woke up at 193.8 this morning. Weight has been all over the place this week.


Prowler 70'ish (high handles) DROPSET

Notes: Much better than last week. Friction was still intense, but conditioning was real strong. No rest at all, just hammered it out.

Hit some grippers this afternoon too. My right elbow is pissed, so I might need to cut the grip work for a bit.

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