Thursday, May 12, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2125

Physical Fitness Test

Height: 69"
Weight: 194
Waist: 33"
1 minute of Push ups: 57 (max) in 38 seconds
1 minute of Sit ups: 54 (max) in 45 seconds
1.5 mile run: 10:59

Notes: This is one of the fastest times I've ever had on the run.  The only other time I have beat this in my career was when I was 21, and that was a 10:36.  Everything else has been 11-12 min, with an all time terrible run time of 14:30 when I ballooned up to 217lbs.  Considering I ran this less than 6 months post op, I'm ecstatic.  My left knee is a little achy, but it's more the meniscus than anything else.  The first lap was a little clunky, but I feel into form.

Woke up at 193.4.  Weight is in a bit of a free fall.  Had a cheat meal today of a McDouble and a 3 item at Panda express with fried rice.  See if it helps.

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