Monday, May 30, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2142

Car deadlift simulator 5 plates
1x12 (touch and go)

Notes: Tried on my belt for the first set, and it was real tough to get the weight moving.  Took it off halfway through the set and it moved much better.  Put straps on at set 4 and things felt strong.  I'm going to keep straps from now on and see if I can get the belt sitting better.  Just been a while since I trained with it.  Felt a very small twinge on the knee on set 4, but it wasn't by the surgical site.  I'm going to stick with this weight for 1 more week, as I'm getting into a pretty heavy range at this point.

Reverse hyper 180

superset w/

Standing ab wheel

Buffalo bar squats

Notes:  After yesterday's run/scare, I was curious how these would go.  Took the warm-ups slow, but otherwise things moved well.  The good morning is happening pretty hardcore, but honestly, as long as my knee can handle the load, I'm not really concerned.  Not too sure how much longer I'll be running 30 reps, but I'm loving the challenge on it.

General notes: Down to 196.4.  Just sweating out some bloat and eating some weird stuff (well, for me).

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