Friday, May 13, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2127''


Running 15 minutes at 8mph
Incline 3

Notes: With the PFT done and being cleared to do more training, the incentive to run has rapidly dropped. My back is pretty stiff this morning too. Probably all the new stresses on it.

Woke up at 195.4.


Medley 50'
Prowler high handles w/90lbs
2x45lb bumper front carry
Backwards prowler drag

5 rounds

Notes: To describe this
-push the prowler with high handles loaded with 2 45lb plates 50'
-Strip 1 45lb plate, run it back to start
-Run back to prowler
-Strip other 45lb plate, run back to start
-Run back to prowler
-Backwards drag prowler with v handle

Still a super light medley, but it was good to be back. Still a little clunky on the left leg to start, but it was coming back toward the end. No pain on the healing knee. Was gaining more confidence as I went.

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