Friday, June 3, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2145


Pavement run
2.6 miles

Notes: Monthly run. Started my time at the starting line this time, but still know I knocked this out faster than last time. Stride is much more natural. Feeling pain in my left knee, but it's above the surgical site, at the teardrop, which, if I recall, is called the vytautas lalas major, but my latin is a little rusty, so I refer to it as Optimus Prime.

Also, forgot to mention yesterday that I can actually still use my belt while it's set to skinny. I just can't wear my Rehband warm-ups pants, but it was like that even when I WAS skinny, so I think that means my bodycomp is really doing well at this weight.

Woke up at 195.0.


Medley 50'
High handle prowler w/100lb keg
Keg run
Run back to start
Backwards unloaded prowler drag

4 rounds

Notes: Got some video of this. Will upload it tonight. Since knee was achy after run, I cut down rounds and compensated by eliminating rest time. Only rested as long as it took to set the medley back up, which was about 1.5 minutes. You'll see in the video that, by round 4, I was done. Knee actually feels better after this. Think the prowler is therapeutic to it.

Cheat meal was a bacon and ribeye burrito w/refried beans and rice chased by a chocolate donut.

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