Friday, June 10, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2149

Death medley

Backwards sled drag empty prowler 25'
Run back to start
Run 100lb keg onto prowler
Backwards sled drag prowler 25'
Run back to start (50')
Run 110lb stack of bumper plates onto prowler
High handle prowler push 25'
Unload bumpers
High handle prowler push 25'
Analyze poor life decisions that led to this moment.

3 rounds.

Notes: Got some video that I'll upload later.  After the very first one of these, I knew I had found something special, and that this was totally going to suck.  On the second round, I was pushing the prowler like an asshole with my arms straight out and locked and I slipped and felt something in my right shoulder snap crackle pop, but it doesn't seem to be anything terrible.  Probably just need to sleep it off.  3rd round was agony.  Been a long time since I ran a medley like this; great to be back.  Felt like I was going to throw up everytime I finished loading the bumpers onto the prowler.  Just awesomely intense.

Watching the footage, my running is getting jacked up partially because of my leg, but mainly because I'm listening to my MP3 player and don't want it to fall off my arm.  That's pretty bush league.  From now on, no more earbuds.  I can't be reinforcing poor mechanics just to get some tunes.

Woke up at 194.2 this morning. Weight is most likely going to sort itself over the next few days as I re-adjust to my diet.

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