Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2153

SSB Squats

Notes: Wasn't what I wanted, but not terrible.  For those that didn't follow my last log, I've got a bum left hamstring that acts up on occasion (usually after a badass dropset squat workout), and I was dealing with that today.  It was just super tight.  Combine that with my back still being a little touchy, and it ended up making it so that I couldn't fully lockout at the top of the reps.  This meant my shoulders stayed rounded, so my lungs were being crushed the whole time.  At rep 13, I just plain ran out of air and had to rack it before I did something stupid.  Plan to stick with this weight next week and really just crush it.

Got video, will upload later.

Reverse hyper 110

superset w/

Standing ab wheel

Car deadlift simulator 5 plates

Notes: Hit my goal.  Remembered a trick that I used to use before, and wrapped up my hamstring with a knee wrap to keep it all in one piece.  Really goes a long way in allowing me to still hit some heavy weights.  Onto bigger things next time.

Got some video.  Will upload later.

General notes: Woke up at 195.4.  Think my weight is balancing out from vacation.

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