Saturday, June 11, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2150

Here is the aforementioned video from yesterday

This morning, I worked up to a single of 425 for axle mat pulls and then suffered from my bi-annual back/glute tweak.  This was a bigger one; really felt my back shift on it and had to drop the axle.  Still, last suffered this injury in Oct, so the frequency continues to reduce, which I suppose is good.  Still, had to shut it down and might be done with training for the week to heal.  Going to keep up the heat and get the Mrs to massage it.

Moving forward, I might be done with the axle for deads.  I've been noticing that it puts more stress on my back than the deadlift bar..  I was operating under the idea that I could take stress off my knee and transfer it to my back, but clearly that's not a great approach.  I'm thinking of restarting the mat pull cycle (since it's going to be my deload week next week) with the deadlift bar and working from there.  Maybe even bring in the suit to keep things tight.

Woke up at 194.4.


So, regarding my whole "I'm probably done training for the week" thing, I totally forgot that I'm really f**king stupid, and I ended up doing a squat dropset.

Buffalo bar squat DROPSET

Notes: Back was really pissed, but as long as I could unrack the weight, I was fine.  Wore my belt for the first time to get a little support.  Wasn't able to hit the rock bottom depth I had been managing, but still solid enough to get the legs moving.  Just had to brace for all that I was worth.  Took some video and will upload it later.

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